Selene Collection

Delicate crescents with honey-like textures reminiscent of the soft moonlight.

Caalis Collection

Fine petals laced with sunny reflections, like a modern Allegory of Spring.

Hêlê Collection

A collection featuring undulating reflections which call to mind the brilliant rays of a summer sun.

8va Collection

The duality between the all-time classic that is the pearl and the contemporaneity of clean geometric lines.

Alinéa Collection

Simplicity celebrated by the elegance of disaligned and offbeat ethereal lines.

Custom made

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All pieces of Hélène Collin jewellery are carefully hand-crafted in her workshop in Liège based on traditional jewellery-making techniques, from when the idea comes into existence, to the drawing, casting and polishing process.

Each collection is the result of an artistic reflection, of experiments with metal, pearls and stones, and meticulous work to offer quality jewellery that evokes modern, refined, simple and sophisticated femininity all at once.

It is this freedom of approach – which retains as it only main lines contemporaneity and elegance – that enables the brand to remain open to the infinite variety of inspirations surrounding us.


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